Getting the tightest ribbing

Hello, i’ve knitted a couple hats and have a problem tightening up my k1,p1 ribbing…it seems to stretch and not stay very tight on my head, even though i have started with 72, 56 even 48 stitchest casted on.

i’m using 4 worsted weight yarn, gauging 4 rows per inch and 15 (10mm, yes i know quite big) needles. if i switch to size 10 needles will it help? or should i try a k2 p2? Thanks very much.

I have only been knitting for a year and a half, so I’m no expert, but I think you should try using size u.s. 8 needles. That should tighten it up for you.

Yes, those ndls are too large for the weight of yarn. You need to be making smaller sts. As to whether 1/1 or 2/2 will be more elastic, that sometimes depends on the knitter. Swatch 2/2 rib and see if it draws in more but switch to smaller ndls before doing anything else. (If in doubt as to what sz ndl to use, check the ballband on the yarn. Usually there’s a little sq that shows gauge and it will have the suggested ndl sz inside. Some of the more expensive yarns may display this info differently.)

Personally speaking, I find k2p2 ribbing never stretchy enough. If I want a stretchy ribbing, I find that k1p1 is much better.

But when in doubt, swatching is always the answer! (Unless the answer is 42 :slight_smile: )


You’re getting 4 sts/inch on size 15s? Wow, I always get about 2 or 2½ per inch and I’m the proverbial `average’ knitter. Definitely try size 10s,

I agree, Size 15 needles is definetly a contender from the problem your having.