Getting the musty smell out of yarn?

Help! I bought some yarn at a craft/yard sale at the local VFW. This woman was selling her yarn that she would never use. I stuck my nose in a few of the plastic bags and some smelled musty/old.
I found one bag that I loved the color and thought there wasn’t much of an odor, but I got it home and realized I was wrong.
It is called Phildar Coquine and is 65% acrylic and 35% viscose/rayon. I was thinking maybe the smell would come out if I just left it out in the open or maybe put it in a cool dryer cycle with a fabric softner cloth. It does say it is machine washable, but I’m leary of that. I really want to make my dd a summer tank top so I’m sorta in a hurry to get the smell out!
Any ideas???
Thank you!

You can try leaving it out in the sun for a while. Or maybe some Febreeze and then wash it when it’s knitted?

i have been told to wrap a charcoal briquette in paper towels and put it with the yarn in a plastic bag…the charcoal will absorb the odor… I have not tried it…

Hi Ingrid,
Thank you. I was thinking of Febreeze also. I think I will try the charcoal suggestion first for 2 days and if that doesn’t work I will try the sun/febreeze!
Thanks again,

Hi Doodknitwit,
Thanks for your suggestion! I am going to try the charcoal and if it doesn’t work, then the sun/feebreeze idea.
I’ll let you know what happens!