Getting "teeth" on my dishcloth

Can anyone tell me why I am getting these “teeth” looking things above my squares? I get that it’s being streched, but none of the ones I see in pictures are like this. :??

You mean the extra large sts between the colors? Are you slipping a st? That could cause it. They’ll probably even out when you wash and dry it.

I circled what i’m talking about.

I think you’re doing something funky with your wrapping. I mean the wrapping you do to change yarns when you’re doing color work. 'Cuz those teeth are crawling up into your knit stiches, when the rest of your colored bits are pearls, yes?

Ok, i really roughed it up by scrunching it up and pulling on it, and they look like the stiches are settled to where they should be, I am pretty sure it will look good after a wash.

Yup, washing or blocking evens out a lot of things…

I went and grabbed a ballband from my cupboard to check and I have a couple of those too. I think it must be the slipped stitch since it has to pull so far. I’be washed mine many times and they still seem to be there. I wouldn’t worry about them too much- I didn’t even notice them until you pointed them out! I checked my Mason-Dixon book and they have a close up- they have them too. Do you still have it from the library? Take a look.