Getting stuck on poncho

:frowning: the frist row read k1,k1,yo,k3,sl1,k2tog,psso,k3.yo,repfromto last 2st.endk2 I do everything right I guest but end up with 8 st.left Help!!! carolyn :oops:

Hm … this slipped through the cracks … :frowning:

Let’s see …
If you’re SURE you’re knitting the row correctly, then I’d venture to guess you’ve casted 8 sts too many. :wink:

:XX: I thought the same thing so I did it over and still came come the same :?? :XX:

Hmmm…you’re sure you casted on what the pattern indicates … you’re sure you’re knitting the row as instructed … then the only other option I can think is that the pattern was not proofed and is incorrect. Knock those extra 8 sts off the cast on number and proceed with the pattern for a few rows (SWATCH TIME :cheering:) If the pattern looks like what’s in the picture (if you have one) then the pattern has got to be wrong.

Sorry I’m not much help :oops: This is just what I would do. Swatch test or not, I’d contact the author and ask some questions.

:XX: I am going to try to that carolyn :XY: