Getting started?

Hi everyone!

I am currently 23 weeks pregnant and will be on bedrest in the hospital until our baby is born. In an effort to pass the time, many people have suggested I learn to knit. I will need to order supplies online because I know my husband cannot be trusted to buy what is needed :stuck_out_tongue:

As a beginner, what should be the first purchases I make to get started? Thank you in advance!

Needles and yarn are all you need to get started. Get some inexpensive medium weight yarn that’s in a lighter color or multicolored, you can see the stitches easier than with dark colors. For needles try a size 10 to get started, and to me circulars are easier to learn on than straight ones, you don’t have to fight the length of them while you’re learning how to hold them and the yarn, and wrap the stitches. Just practice from the basic videos first - casting on, knit sts, then purl stitches, increases and decreases and the stitch patterns shown on the Tips page. You can just do a sampler for now, then later you can find a pattern to knit for an actual project.

I would suggest a medium weight yarn (worsted #4 on label) in a light, solid color. Also suggest you choose something soft so it’s more fun to knit and easier on your hands. Sue likes size 10 needles, but I’d prefer an 8-9. Personal preference.

I actually prefer needles larger than 10s for worsted, but they’ll do for thinner yarns… :lol:

I’m knitting on 7’s with Encore now… I think I knit too loose for 10’s. I’d have lace. :lol: