Getting started

This is the dumbest question… but here goes.
When a pattern says to cast on 50 stitches you don’t count the starting stitch as one right? So when you go back and count how many stitches you have do you really have 51 stitches?
I am drawing a blank.

Don’t feel dumb, we all started out at the beginning at one time or another!! You are in a great place here with loads of knowledgable experienced knitters and lots of newbies too, no question is a dumb question!!

After you cast on, each loop on your needle represents one stitch. So if you have started off with a slip knot on your needle, that represents one stitch and you cast on 49 more to arrive at your 50 required stitches.


Guess what!? I logged on to ask the SAME question! :happydance: So glad to get the answer! THANKS AGAIN