Getting started on wrap this is my pattern and I am wondering what they mean by “cast on 98sts and cont between edge sts in basic pattern” Does that mean to just work the chart RS from right to left and WS from left to right? Or am I to do something special with the edge stitches? The chart has a 1R, 2R, what do they mean by R? Also, I am a little confused about the legend.
For the upside down V=slip 2 knitwise, K1, pass slipped st over
How does that work? Is that all for the one stitch? It has a 1 Yo before and after it. Can you explain it a little better for me? :?? I realize not too many people are on now because of Christmas but I am so organized I have everything ready for tonight and tomorrow and my hands don’t have anything to do. I have three hours to people come and I thought I would get a jump on my next project. :teehee:

OK, now that I am trying to make a swatch I have more questions. On the chart is says K3 then slip 1 purlwise, yarn at back of work. Does that mean I leave the yarn at the back of work for the 3 slipped stitches? That is what I did but when I got to the end of the row I have 3 slipped stitches so when I start row 2 I am suppose to slip 3sts purlwise, yarn at front of work. How do I do that when my working yarn is back 3sts from the previous row? If I am doing it right that means I am carrying the yarn across 3sts either at the front or the back so should I stretch the 3sts on the right hand needle before I do the next stitch so that the sweater does not pucker? Row 5 really confuses me. So many questions. Sorry :oops:

Since there are 98 stitches and the basic pattern only calls for multiples of 6, I’m assuming that the first and last stitch are counted as selvedge stitches that will be seamed. You can either just knit these, or slip the first and knit the last–up to you.

for the K3 then slip 1 purlwise, you’re going to knit 3 as usual and then slip one stitch purlwise with the yarn in back.

The slip 2 knitwise, K1, pass slipped st over is a decrease. Slip 2 stitches together knitwise, knit 1 stitch, and pass the two slipped stitches over the knit stitch.

I think the r’s on the chart just stand for row. I’d ignore them.

I knew you could help me Ingrid, you helped me so much with the other sweater. You are right about the first and last stitch being a selvage because at the end of the pattern it says along all edges (lower edge, front edge and neck, sleeve edge) crochet 1 row sc, then crochet border. So I get the K3, Slip 3 purwise but then I am leaving a loop at the back of the work so should I stretch the stitches on the right needle like you do when you do a fairisle? Can you explain row 5 and 11 better for me? It makes more sense now to leave the first and last out of the chart because when I was trying to slip the last 3sts I could not figure out how to get to the next row. Got to go visit family. Merry Christmas! :muah:

Looking at the chart again, I see that you do slip 3. Just let the yarn drape across–it’s part of the look of the pattern.

For rows 5 and 11, you’ll put the yarn in the front, slip 2 stitches, knit 1 stitch and then pass the two slipped stitches over the knit stitch and off the needle, then knit the next stitch with the yarn in front to create the second yo.

Ingrid, for row 5 you said for the first o to put the yarn in front but for the second o you said to knit the next stitch with the yarn in front to create the second yo. So, does that mean you meant for the first o to put the yarn in front and knit the stitch? :?? the o means yarn in front and knit that stitch not just yarn is front? yarn in front just means to put the yarn inbetween the needles as if to purl right? I get mixed up if they want the yarn inbetween the needles or over the right hand needle.

When I do a yo between knits, I just put the yarn to the front as if to purl. Knitting the next stitch will create the yarn over.

I guess I was not clear about my question. does o mean yo and knit into that box or does o mean just yo and then move to the next box?

The O in the box is just the yarn over. The next box is the knit stitch.

I worked on the chart you helped me with and I don’t like the pattern. I looked different in the picture. I found another pattern and I am sure I will like this one. There are two patterns to follow and I understand that one will be the main body and the other will be at the edge of the sleeve and at the yoke of the sweater. I read pattern two and I think I have that ok but on the chart pattern one they want me to knit the white box and purl the black box right? I am making the XS so I would start at the bottom right corner and go right to left on the right side and left to right on the wrong side right?

I am to cast on 86sts and leave the first and last stitch as an edge stitch. It says do not knit 1 edge st at each side in the pattern. That means I would knit the first and last and then start the pattern and purl the first and last stitch on the ws and then start the chart right?

It says knit 5 rows seed st and do pattern one, so does that mean I am to start the chart on the WS?

Also, the picture shows that I am suppose to do a pattern at the chest area which is pattern two but I can’t find it in the directions where to start it. The only place it will be is on the sleeve. Can you help me?

I don’t see where you start the pattern 2 on the body of the sweater, either. Maybe at the armhole? You might want to contact them, or just use your judgement.

I don’t think you’re supposed to leave an edge stitch for the pattern 1 section, just start in the bottom right corner for the XS.

I printed out the pattern because it’s so pretty, and upon closer inspection, it’s the COLLAR that’s knit in pattern 2–not the top of the sweater!

Wow, it doesn’t look like a collar.So I guess I will get started but it says knit 5rows seed st, change to larger needles and pattern 1 start pattern at lower right corner on chart for all sizes, but do not knit 1 edge st at each side in the pattern.

At the beg of the directions it says seed stitch row 1 k1,p1 row 2 p1, k1 repeat rows 1-2. Does that mean I am to knit 5rows in total or 10 rows for the seed st?

What do they mean then,do not knit 1 edge st at each side in the pattern? :??

in the chart the white box is knit and the black box is purl right?

I think they mean that for pattern 1, you don’t need to knit an edge stitch, but on pattern 2 you do.

The white stitches are knits, the black are purl.

5 rows of seed stitch are just 5 rows–1,2,1,2,1.

If you look at the directions when you add the collar, that’s when you go back to pattern 2.

So that means I will start the first row from the chart on the WS right? I would start at the bottom left right? And I would start the chart right on my first stitch right?

You could do that. Seed stitch is the same on both sides, so it really doesn’t matter if you start with a knit or purl row, as long as you’re consistent. I’d just start the chart from the bottom right for your first right side row.

Thanks Ingrid, I am on my way. :muah:

I read a post asking about dec on every 4th row. I thought if a pattern said to dec or inc every fourth row you would include the first row. Am I wrong? Would it be
row1 dec
row2 k
row3 k
row4 dec
row1 dec
row2 k
row3 k
row4 k
row5 dec :??

Whether or not to dec on the first row is really dependent on what the pattern says. But to dec every 4th row, you’d either:

1 dec
5 dec
9 dec



I am going to keep that on file so I don’t ask that again. My memory is terrible since this last year. Sorry to keep asking questions over and over til I finally get it. :oops: