Getting started on Entrelac

Hi boys & girls,
I’m trying to get started on an Entrelac pattern but it’s not coming out right. Do any of you have any tips?
I cast on 30 stitches as required. Knit from the 1st 2 & made my 1st triangle then it says with 10 knit stitches on right needle . Do not turn the work.
Well, I tried & had 2 triangles facing the wrong way, ripped that, then had 2 triangles but a long thread between… can’t be right.
I bought some Noro yarn for this & it’s not cheap so don’t want to mess up & waste the yarn.
If you have any idea where I’m going wrong or ideas I’d really appreciate it.

After looking at the pattern again although it doesn’t say so should I cut the yarn after the first triangel has been formed before knitting the second?

Although I don’t have an answer for you (sorry!) I am going to be trying entrelac for the first time myself pretty soon… If I figure it out, I will let you know.

Same here…I love entrelac and want to give it a go…I have GOT to make entrelac socks AND the Eleanor Entrelac Stole in Scarf Style…but I’ve got to take the time to sit down and read about it…
I’m goint to be watching this thread for tips, I’m sorry, but I’m afraid entrelac is after my sock sabbatical which begins shortly and it will be very long…sorry I couldn’t help…but… :smiley: happy to know that others are learning, as well :wink: .
dorsetmartin…you said that you got Noro for your project…is it by any chance the ‘Eleanor’?!

I’m a newbie… :?? What’s “entrelac”?

Good luck. It’s tricky. But, like all these these things once you get the ahng of it it’s plain sailing.

Rebecca: Noro is a Japanese yarn that is multicoloured & is a combo of silk, kid mohair & lamb’s wool. There are different mixes. The colours are fabulous & it has a great feel. There is a bit of a slub to it.
Very nice to work with.
I got mine on eBay

Glen: Entrelac is a type of knitting that looks like basketweave.
Check it out.

This might be helpful:

Well, it sounds like you got the hang of it, but just in case anyone else wants to know, I took some pictures as I was working on this…It’s definitely not mindless knitting, and requires attention, but it was pretty fun! Rebecca, I think you’ll like this - it reminded me of doing sock gussets, only stacked…sounds odd, but you’ll see what I mean.
Anyway, here’s my pics…

Darn it, they posted backwards, so scroll down to see the 1st row -

PHRebecca, I know I will love it, I’ve played with it; and it’s a bit like modular knitting, I found it fun…which type of directions are u u :smiley: … I can’t wait to do the “Eleanor” but I don’t, as of yet, know the yarn that I will use. And, I have 2 STUNNING sock patterns that are entrelac… :heart: :inlove: :heart: them!!

dorsetmartin, I know what Noro is, I was curious as to if you were using the Noro yarn for the “Eleanor” stole that is in Scarf Style, it’s featured in Noro yarn :wink:

:rollseyes: Should have known…Is there anything you can’t do?? :heart:
I’d love to see a pic of “Eleanor” if there’s one available…I think I’m going to use this panel as a tummy for a teddy bear for my nephew- on- the- way, but this is so much fun I know I will be doing it again.

Thanks :blush: … but there are a gazillion things that I can’t do…I’m learning and loving learning…I’ve played with it…I am by no means able to make something yet, I’ve got to practice!!
Okay, if you go here on the knitpicks site, you will be able to see some of the pages of the book, Scarf Style (LOVE IT!!) on the last page, on the bottom left…The Eleanor…wrapped around a girl with her head hanging down and…directly above it is ‘Ruffles’ for which I have a BUNCH of ‘Merino Style’ from KP to do it & hat & wrist warmers & socks to match!! I am doing other scarves in there, too…I think I passed the one that I am doing for Lonnie out of this luscious South West Trading Co 100% soy silk yarn ‘Phoenix’ that he got for me when we were in Charleston on HIS bday!! He got me all that they had…5 skeins, but not enough for a sweater or anything…so I want to do a reversible cable…it’s in this book, too. Yeah…I just looked, 1st page, upper left on a girl…but it is gonna be very rich and manly looking for Lonnie :wink: . I’ve got my heart set on another in there…backyarn leaves, or something…and I have the fern WOTA for it … and do the accessories with it, too…I’m telling ya… :heart: :inlove: :heart: :inlove: :heart: this book!

That scarf will be awesome for your DH…
What kind of yarn did they use on that “Eleanor” pattern? I love the muted colors, and it looks like you could just curl up under that scarf and wrap it around you…‘ruffles’ looks like a PITA, but I know someone that would just look perfect with it… :thinking: I may be going shopping later, you’ve inspired me!
(I love those fairisle/intarsia scarves in there, too- with that kind of work involved, anyone would be happy to get a scarf for Xmas!!!)

Yeah…they have a BUNCH of fair isle, some intarsia, lace…u name it…and, actually, ruffles isn’t so bad. Okay…the yarn that they used for Eleanor is 'La Lana Wools Forever Random Blends (60%, woo. 40% mohair), color…fairie queen…15 skeins! I looked it up one time…translation…very expensive!!
So…1215 yds of bulky yarn of your choice. Noro Iro or Noro Transitions would be perfect, but still way out of my price range…I would love to use these painted colored yarns…but, it will have to be a miracle to run across it for me to afftord…but…stranger things have happened :wink: .
My Sweetness is taking me to LYS tomorrow, need some dpns…I’m gonna look around…it would be too cool if I could find some of the southwest trading for it…love the feel of the phoenix…but it’s worsted…I will see if she has the right type noro & the prices…I’m sure it will be something like…OUCH!! WAY TOO MUCH…which is why I love my knitpicks! I may go with a solid with some of their new yummy yarns…I’ve not really looked around at the colors!

Have you thought about handpainting your own yarn?? At lest that way you could get the colors you want…I have a hard enough time resisting the colors already out there!

15 skeins!!! uhm, I think I’ll stick to my Caron LOL…

Well I’m still stuck!
I’ve researched several different patterns & help sites all to no avail. I think I’ll have to go to one of my trusty yarn stores & get some 1 on 1 advice.
I can’t interpret the printed insructions i seem to be missing someting or not making the connectiion in my naievety.

okay so I was looking at this and I am looking for a scarf I am doing a poncho for my little girl but I have to have a couple projects going at the same time, but I have a question?? :??

do you knit it altogether or do you sew it all together?
that might be a stupid Question but I would :heart: love :heart: to get the down so I can make one.Thank you :wink:

As soon as knitpicks puts out a natural bulky yarn…yep, I certainly will!! I have several hanks of worsted and sock wt yarn ready to be dyed now… :wink: Until then…I’m ‘looking’ at ‘Eleanor’ bc I certainly can’t afford the prices of the yarn specified!!

OK - dorsetmartin, the way you had posted I thought you had figured it out…You continue knitting with the same yarn, you do not cut it. What you will end up with is groups of six stitches on your needles, separated by open spaces.
(For those who don’t know)After you cast on, you create the triangles by working short-row shaping (turning the work before the end of the row - it creates an extra row of stitches)over groups of six stitches. Then you actually knit in oppsite directions, by picking up stitches off the slanted sides of the triangles, which creates a basketweave pattern.
If you need any questions answered, feel free to PM me… I think I understand where you went wrong, but I’d like to see the directions that you’re working from, if you have those. I got mine from here and except for one minor mistake, they’re very accurate.

Those are one of my resources, too…do u want my others?
This one is cool, it leads you to this one.
And i found this one, too :thumbsup: