Getting spam in response to my posts

Generally a week after posting to any of these forums I get an email response to my post. While directly referencing my post the message itself is incoherent and not about knitting. I delete hoping they do not contain trojan horses.


Do you automatically subscribe to threads? I’ve seen spam on the forums here, but the mods generally do a remarkable job of keeping on top of it. If you subscribe and get email updates they would be sent before the spam can be deleted. That’s what I think FWIW.

I do not subscribe to any of the forums. The only email I get from this website is the first response of the day to my post. The spam email has the identical format as in the email I just received with your reply GG

The spam says the sender is and the subject line contains “Reply to thread ‘<my post title>’.”

Any reply to any thread will appear as a legit post in the system. If a spambot had posted a “reply” you’d have gotten an email for that instead of the reply that I’d posted. I don’t get emails of posts, hence never see the spam “reply” emails. Sometimes there will be a whole slew of spam showing up in New Posts. I think someone else can explain it better than I can.

This is the first I’ve heard of something like this. Do you have your messages set up to email you when someone replies?

I will ask Sheldon about it.

I receive email notification when someone replies, but (I believe) it is for only the first reply of the day and not for subsequent replies on that day.

Okay, I’m not sure what is going on, but I’ve emailed Sheldon.

I think the theory that the source of the email is spammers posting in threads which you’ve subscribed is correct. Occasionally spammers will post jibberish and links. The mods are quick to remove them.

It looks like you have instant notifications set up on some threads which would mean as soon as a new post is made it is emailed to you. So even with mods removing the spam, the email is still sent. There are 3 email subscription options: Instant, Daily Digests, Weekly Digests, which indicates the frequency that you’ll receive an email when there are new posts. Subscribed threads will continue to send an email for as long as there are new posts.

You can manage and change your thread subscriptions by clicking on the Quick Links link which appears just under the “Welcome, cawhouston” text that appears near the top right of any of the forum pages. From the menu that appears, click on Subscribed Threads. Here you will see all the threads you are subscribed to and their current subscription mode.

I hope this helps.


I delete hoping they do not contain trojan horses.

Unless you open attachments you should be safe…I think. Make sure your antivirus is up to date. I’ve seen no spam that I could link to this website. Maybe I’ll try getting email notifications for a while to see what happens for me. I really am curious to know what the explanation from Sheldon will be.

Emails notifications that are sent via the forum only contain text. There is no way for a spammer to attach a virus or trojan and have it get delivered through the forum email notification system.

But this is good advice overall. Attachments do need to be opened manually and executed in order for the program to “run” and infect the computer. And a update to date virus scanner will typically detect the virus and quarantine it preemptively.