Getting so bored with the mobius

and I hate one ribbon that I knit a row of. I really didn’t hate it until I was about 200 stitches in to it.

Several rows later, I’m still hating it!!

But the whole thing is boring. Mindless, yes, and good for knitting when you’re too tired to concentrate, but I’m ready for a challenge.
Back to the Clapotis soon, and the first pair of socks!

Just had to vent.



I feel your ennui, I have three projects cast on right now that I just keep cycling through… pick one up, get bored, pick the next up, get bored… someday I’ll get through all three of them!

The more I look at it, the less I like it.

So, off I go…

Better to frog than to continue with something you really don’t like.:thumbsup:

Very true!

(And thank goodness that I frogged it when I did-it was HUGE!)

Ahh, see I’m amazed that a mobius goes so fast! But I usually make them on size 11 or 13s so maybe that’s why.

called for 350 (!) to make a large. (They had S, M, L, XL, 2X) and it was obviously WAY too many.



It’s a very simple gauge thing. How many sts/inch you have times how many inches around you want. If you’re getting 5 sts to the inch, 350 sts would be 70 inches, about the length you’d make a regular end to end scarf. If you get 4 st/inch, that would be about 88 inches.


Okay, okay, I’ll actually take it into consideration next time! :teehee: