Getting smells out of yarn

I need help, please! I ordered some wool from for a felting project and it was mis-delivered last week. I got it this afternoon and apparently it sat in a HEAVY smoking area. :ick: I opened up the bags and nearly passed out.

So how can I get the smells out of the yarn? I can’t even knit with it right now. I put it in the box with a dryer sheet, but it’ll need more.

And additionally, how can you de-stink a pillow insert too? Ugh.

Have you tried baking soda?

Otherwise just let it air out.
That must work because I had some scraps saved for my sister who can’t stand smoke.
I didn’t think and had the balls sitting by my pipes. As soon as I pulled them out she complained. But airing them out must’ve worked because she eventually used them.

Or you could take up smoking :wink:

I would return them and ask for new yarn. It isn’t your fault it was misdelievered, you should not have to accept yarn thatn was damaged.

Someone posted awhile back that coffee grounds does the trick.She used the kind that is already premeasured in little pouches.Just threw in with the yarn.

Bicarb soda (Not powder, this has cornflower in it) or charcol tablets are good for absorbing oders, depending on what colour your yarn is (Coz you don’t want black wool looking like it came from a sheep with dandruff).
Also try chucking a unripe green apple in the container for awhile to make it smell nice. Just remember to check it doesn’t go over ripe, mushy or rotten. And for some reason I’ve only heard of GREEN apples working, not the red, pink, or yellow ones. I’m not certain if it’s something to do with how they ripen or if the green they mean unripe, or what, but hey.
DO NOT SPRAY WITH PURFUME!!! It can set certain oders and discolour some dyes-although you probally knew that :wink:

I put little square’s of cedar wood in mine. I got them at Bed Bath & Beyond. Yarn from a store close out. It smelled musty and the cedar wood worked for me.

Old fashioned cat litter, just put the yarn in the bag and it will come out fresh. So I’m told, never had to do this with yarn.

When very young, my son called it “glitter”. As in “Spooky has glitter on his butt.” :teehee: