Getting rid of extra strings from switching colors

I recently just finished knitting my first baby blanket…I decided to tweak the original pattern and add stripes and a border. Unfortunately I didn’t know about “intarsia”, so I didn’t tuck the strings while switching, instead I cut the end and tied the two colors together. This means that 5 stitches in-all around the blanket, is a 2 inch string from the two colors. Trying to weave these ends in takes away from the pattern and become way to lumpy, since there are so much! Are there any tricks to get rid of this ‘unwanted fringe’ without having to cut the ends weakening it?

I’m giving this as a gift so I want it to be as good as possible!

Thanks! :knitting:

If I understand correctly… You knit a blanket in stripes but instead of carrying the yarn up the side you cut it with every color change?

The only thing you can do at this point is weave in the ends. I would either make sure the knots are small or untie them first. Try and weave in on different rows so it won’t be quite as thick. If you really don’t like the edge you could try crocheting around the edge to hide the weaved in ends.

That is correct, except that I left a border of the original color, so the ends of the yarn I cut are not at the edge of my blanket.

Crocheting around the edge, would be a neat idea for the future, if I didn’t already have a border!

Thank you.

Oh, I see. You will still have to weave in the ends unfortunately. :shrug:

If you do a blanket like this again you can try an intarsia technique where you twist the yarns at the color changes/ends. I’ve never done a blanket with different color edges, but I think that would work.