Getting ready to start my first BIG project!

I am getting ready to start a Booga bag. Any BTDT advice? I used some scrap yarn to try and get used to the bamboo circulars. Had never used either bamboo or circular…

I just started it recently as a bday gift for my mom–so far it has been so easy and so much fun. I hadn’t used circulars either (but only use bamboo) and the only recommendation I have is one that Angelia gave to me:

bring a pot of water almost to boiling and dip the nylon cord (not the needles or where the cord joins the needle) in it until the kinks come out–circs get “kinked” b/c they stay coiled in the package for so long. Find a way to store your cirs flat so that they don’t “re-kink”.

Good luck–keep me posted on how you’re doing–it knits up REALLY fast!