Getting Ravelry LOGO & changing my ID

[FONT=“Arial”][SIZE=“3”]Hello everyone!

I received my invitation to Ravelry and I’m absolutely tickled.:woot:

I need a little help with a few things however.

First, how do I get the “Ravelry” logo so I can include it at the end of my posts?

Secondly, Ravelry did not allow spaces in my user ID so I had to run Deborah and Too together (DeborahToo).

I want to simplify things so how do I change my KH ID to DeborahToo as well?

Thanks so much.


Hereis a thread that might help you getting the ravelry link in your sig…I had to have dh put mine in…I know he put it in my flickr and then Kodak and then somehow got it here :rofl:

Amy and Sheldon can take the space out of your name and I passed this post on to them…:thumbsup:

I added the Ravelry link in your sig for you. :slight_smile: If you want it worded differently or anything, just lemme know.

(Anyone else who needs help, just PM me!) :thumbsup:

Dustinac, thank you so much for passing my post on. I appreciate that. I am the biggest Fred and Ginger fan and just love your avatar. It looks like Ginger’s wearing the infamous “feather” dress that disturbed Fred so much. The feathers were constantly going up his nose and in his face during this wonderful routine.

Kristin - you’re a doll! Thanks for taking care of the Ravelry logo so quickly. Wow! I’m impressed and very happy.

Happy to help! :slight_smile:

Hi Kristin

I am doing the charity blankets KAL’s and have tried several times to add the buttons but not had any luck! :waah:

I would be gratefull for any help :heart:


Pauline, which button? Can you show me someone else’s signature that has what you want?

Yes Shandeh
She has them both too xxx

I should have said it’s the Oddball preemie blanket KAL and Oddball baby blanket KAL

SHAZAAAAM :teehee:

Thank you Kristin you are a star xx

I agree! Silver is a SUPER star! A SUPER [U]SILVER[/U] STAR! :star: