Getting my gaure right

HELP! I am getting conflicting answers to this question. If the amount of stitches identified to obtain a guage, brings me up short, do I go up or down a needle size? For instance, if my guage is 4 stitches per inch, but my 4 stiches only equal 3/4 of an inch, do I increase or decrease my needle size?

Thanks so much for helping!

You need to use a larger needle.

If you want bigger stitches, you go up. If you want more stitches, you go down. I always have to tell myself… Bigger = fewer and Smaller = more.
If you still want 4 stitches to the inch then you use a bigger needle… if, say you wanted 6 stitches to the inch, you’d use a smaller needle to get more/smaller stitches to the inch.

Hope that helps… Ingrid? Any other expert advice here?

that is what I thought. Thanks again!