Getting in over my head

I knit an alpaca and wool/mohair scarf in this stitch in stripes with one alpaca yarn and one wool/mohair yarn:

and now it is curling toward the back even though I had a garter stitch edge.

can I use steam to block and fix this or should I just get it completely wet or will that just ruin the mohair and not fix it anyway?

also, if I knit another side and sewed it on, might that help or would it not change things at all? should I pick one that curls the opposite direction, or could I use one that would lie flat?
also, the yarn of the second side would be knit one needle size smaller if that matters.

(has anyone done this??)


I think it would be worthwhile to spritz it and let it lie flat rather than to completely wet or steam it.

sorry to be a pain, but ok - so I spritzed it.
but I don’t have a spray bottle, basically I kind of threw water over it, and then tried to flatten it, but that wasn’t convincing for it.
so then I steamed the wool/mohair part and spritzed the mohair part, which worked while it was lying there all content on the ironing board.

but then I wore it and without it getting wet again, it is now entirely curled back the way it was before.

is it hopeless do you think?

That’s too bad.

If you made another side as you said in your original post, that would take care of the curling permanently now that you know blocking doesn’t do the trick.

You could try wetting the whole thing and pinning it down, but there’s no guarantee that it will stay flat at this point when you wear it. :shrug: