Getting hysterical


I have been trying for the last few nights to learn to knit a sock. I have to learn a lot of new skills for this, including the use of double-pointed needles.

Every attempt ended up in a big jumbled mess. I unraveled it so many times I had to trim the end of the yarn because it was getting frayed.

I think a small part of my problem (besides never having touched dpns before) is that all the directions I have are for English knitters and I knit continental, and I’m left-handed too. Something is just not right!

Just wanted to vent. :!!!:

I WILL get it!!! :teehee:

Deeeeeeeep breath!!!

Is it the joining and first few rows that’s getting to you? Try knitting a few rows straight before joining. It makes a world of difference and you can use the tail to sew the little gap closed.

Maybe you should try two circs instead of dpns? I rarely use dpns for anything. I just don’t like them :shrug:

Ingrid, you are absolutely correct. It is the joining and the first few rows! I am trying to do a k2p2 ribbing and it just looks like a mess, not ribbing.

Do you mean to knit a few rows off the cast-on needle, then distribute the stitches?

CarmenIbanez, I don’t know if that would help, because I don’t have any circular needles yet! I am going to order some 6.5 mm circular needles after Easter so that I can make the Booga bag. You may be hearing from me again.:blush:

Thanks! I am going to attack The Sock again tonight!

Yes, just knit back and forth on any needle, really, and then transfer them to the dpns. The ribbing won’t look good for a few rows, anyway, so just get going and give the stitches a chance to ‘settle in.’