Getting gauge on circs - New question

Hi everyone,
I’m making some legwarmers from SNB Nation that are knit in the round.
The gauge says to knit in st stitch but I’m not sure if that’s real st stitch (as in st st on straight needles) or st st on circs which is really just garter stitch. I can’t fit the 20 stitches called for in the round so I’m going to do them as flat knitting.
So, do I do the gauge swatch as knit a row, pearl a row, or do I do all knitted rows?

Just to clarify: I’m going to knit the garment in the round…I just don’t know which way to do my gauge.

The best way to check your gauge for knitting in the round is to do so without any purling, since that can change your tension.

What you do is cast on more than 4 inches onto your circ or dpn and knit across. Then slide the stitches back to the other point without turning the work, drape the yarn across the back loosely and knit across again. Keep doing this until you have enough to measure your gauge. It uses a lot of yarn, so I’d frog it and use the yarn for my project.

Thanks so much, Ingrid. I’ll give that a try.

I just thought of something. The pattern is about 30 rows of 2x2 ribbing around the calf, then st st for the rest. Do you think the gauge is mostly for the ribbing? And if so, should I do the gauge in 2x2 ribbing?
I’m sorry I keep harping on this but I’ve frogged the thing three times because I’m finding that the calf part is way too big.
I dropped down two needle sizes and was getting a little closer but now I’m starting with different yarn and I don’t want to frog again.

A pattern usually says to do the gauge in the stitch that is the majority of the piece, and in this case it would be stockinette. Most ribbing is done on smaller needles, anyway, so you may need to go up for the st st. I’d measure my gauge in the ribbing and make that the size of the calf, then see what the st st gauge would be for the rest.

This pattern only calls for size 8’s. I’d never thought to go down a size for the ribbing and then a different size for the rest.
Ingrid…as always, you are a lifesaver! Thanks again.