Getting garter instead of stockinette

what the heck???!!!?!?!?!

i am making a hat right now. ok. the pattern says after ribbing, work in stockinette stitch for 6 inches. that is k one row, p the next and so on right? well when i do this i get garter stitch!!! the only way i am getting stock st is if i purl every row!!! why is this??? does it have anything to do with working in the round??? is anyone having the same problem??? please write back!!! thank you!![color=green][/color]

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In the round, if you knit every row you will be doing stockinette stitch. If you are PURLING every row in the round and are getting stockinette stitch (ie. with the smooth side facing the outside, the side with the little 'v’s) then you probably have your work, in the round, turned inside out.

so if i just change the pattern to p’s instead of k’s and do it right next time will that work out?? it is not a very fancy pattern, the only things in there are 2x2 rib, stock st, k, and k2tog. could i do p2tog?

i think i know what it is. when i am knitting in the round, i am used to holding it so the cable is facing me. so the needles are supposed to be in your hands and the cables behind them??? i did not know that.

Yup, the needles should be closest to you with the cable away. Just knit every row and you’ll get your st st. And if by some chance you find you’re getting your purls on the outside, you can turn the hat inside out later on.