Getting Frustrated

Ok, so I’m trying to do this pattern.

Here’s my problem (which is actually ALWAYS a problem). As I’m knitting the first row, I end up with extra yarn in-between stitches. I don’t know how to explain it, other than if I were knitting a simple scarf and was knitting the first row after casting on, but the end I would have a gigantic tail.

What am I doing wrong? I’ve watched the videos, I’ve read books… And now that I want to do these neat new pattern, it’s really messing me up. Any suggestions?

Chikky, I think you are adding accidental “yarn overs”.

Can you take a digital photo of your work for me, and post it here, so I can see your work?

Also, what cast-on method are you using?
Do you end up with more stitches on the needle than you started with, or is it that the yarn between each stitch is loopier but you have the correct number of stitches? Is it just on the first row?

Okay, if you’re getting more yarn on the tail as you knit the caston sts, it sounds like you’re using the backward loop CO, which does that. It’s very aggravating and shouldn’t really be used if you have to CO more than a few stitches. Go to the CastOn videos and have a look at the knitted and cable castons. Even give the longtail a try. They all give a much firmer edge than the loop, though you have to keep them a bit loose.

Well, I can take a picture as soon as I find my wire for the camera to the computer… No, I don’t end up with more stitches than I began with. Just, as I’m knitting, there gets to be a bigger and bigger… line between each stich. Kinda like how Miss_Molly said. It’s just on the first row.

And I’ve watched the videos and paused them and done them over and over to make sure the casting on was correct, but I am still getting this.

It’s so hard to explain, I wish I could find my camera cord!

Which CO are you using?

Sounds like you’re asking the same as this poster just down the board.


I’ve used a few different cast ons. I always get this. It’s not a loop, it’s just extra yarn.

This is the best picture I could manage taking one myself on the webcam attatched to my comp.

See, As I knit, the space between stitches gets bigger and bigger and I’m not sure why. But it’s only on the first row.

There’s no loop, no extra stitches, just that length the first time around.

That is totally because of the way you are casting on. I was casting on using the loop method and had the SAME problem. I have not had that problem since I started using the long tail cast on method. Check out that video. That’s where I learned it. Also, use a slip knot, the gal on the video doesn’t use a slip knot to begin with and I couldn’t figure it out.

It looks to me like whatever your cast-on method is, it’s too loose. Maybe if you start with a slip-knot on the needle, just to keep it from ‘growing’ like that?

You must be doing the backward loop cast on and it always does that. That’s why I don’t like to use it except for a few stitches or where I’m going to pickup later. Try the knitted cast on. Also, it looks like the needles you’re using are too small for the yarn, though it could be an illusion because the yarn is closer to the camera.

Argh, thanks guys. I watched the videos and did the cast on… but maybe I reverted and didn’t notice! I’m glad I know what was causing it.