Getting frustrated ... please help

So I’m making this poncho - using microspun by lion brand, 2 strands on size 15 needles in st st.
Now, I’m trying to seam it … basically you fold it in half and sew it up, leaving about 11" for the head.
I have seamed it several times, several different ways and they all look … well, very awful and icky looking. I am so frustrated.
Any ideas on a way to seam it so it doens’t look icky? I think part of the problem is that the seam sits on the shoulder, where it pulls … so the knitted part looks one way, and the seam looks another. Grrr … it should not be this complicated, should it!!!
TIA for any help offered!

Thought I should add … I had to knit the first and last stitch of every row …

could the funky looking seam be fixed with blocking?

Maybe … I think just because the rest of the poncho is stretching, so the stitches are very gappy (if that makes sense). If I jsut do an edge to edge seam, it stretches with it, but it looks different than how the other edges are stretching and I did the mattress stitch and it looks too bulky at the seam and looks ugly.
But maybe I’ll block it and see if that helps.
I’m just frustrated becuase it just looks so darn awful I can’t stand it! I’ve pulled out three different attempts. :wall:

Hey MommaBear,
How many strands of yarn are you using to seam?? Since you knitted it w/ two strands held tog, then you should seam it with two strands tog also. Just a thought…:??

Yeah, I tried that … I think I’ll just do an edge to edge seam (with 2 strands) and fake it. And if it looks so bad … I’ll wear it twisted so my hair covers the edge ROFL!!! :wink: