Getting circular cables to relax?

i’m trying my hand at doing a pair of socks doing the magic loop method, and my problem is my cable wants to curl up like it was when it was in the package. i tried running it under hot water and stretching it. (it was a trick they showed me at the lys…).but it didn’t work…

so what do you do to get those cables to relax so they aren’t curling all over the place?

[color=red][b]I had the same problem … it seems to happen with all of them as I’ve bought four different ones … Boye was the worst … the guy at the yarn store said put your kettle on and put the cord over the steam, pulling it along … it didn’t cure it totally but it did help get some of the stiffness out.


Yeah that’s really annoying. I have found that my stiff ones have relaxed quite a bit with time (though that doesn’t help you now).

Of the four varieties I have: AddiTurbos are AWESOME and have never ever ever been stiff, the Susan Bates metal ones start out stiff but relax pretty quick, the Susan Bates plastic ones start stiff, stay stiff, I hate them and they never come out of my knitting bag! Oh and I have one random bamboo pair that’s ehhh…

Seriously though, I’ve only got two pairs of AddiTurbos and I heart them very very much.

i guess i’m a little ‘rougher’ with my circulars… i don’t steam them, or warm them, i boil the little devils :!!!: That is to say, i pour my boiling water into a bowl and then immerse the cables, takes all of a few seconds to see them relax.

the boiling water worked wonderfully! and you’re right! it’s like the cables got a little massage, because as soon as they hit the water they just relaxed.
thank you so much for the advice! such helpful and clever people here! :smiley:

back to my magic loop socks!

Denise Interchangeables, Knitpicks Options and Addi Turbos do not curl at least in my limited experience of a year. I tried the hot water method for others and it just never seemed to work. :shrug:

I’ve had this problem too and it’s aggravating because I mostly use circs.

I’m going to give Addis a try… finally found a shop in my area that sells them. It’s a little disheartening though… I just bought a bunch of circular needles (Susan Bates mostly but a few Clover bamboo circulars) :pout:

That’s what i do too. They still aren’t completely straight, but they do relax enough to make it easier.