Getting chicken to try a project :O

Well, I’ve been casting on and knitting a few rows in knit and purl and I’m still scared to get started on a real project, which is an easy-to-make purse.

I’m afraid of mistakes. What happens if I drop a stitch? I was once shown that but it got buried so deep in my brain, I can’t find it. :lol:

Any help with this? Thanks.

Why not just go for it? If you run into problems, ask here and someone will help. I bet you’ll do much better than you expect. If you can post a link to the pattern we’ll have a better idea of what problems you might encounter.

It’s a very easy pattern and I’ve made purses before, it’s one of my favorites since you can make small or large sizes. Seems like if I drop a stitch, I have to take the needle and pick up a thread somewhere, maybe the second one over. Got a video for this??


Yep we have lots of videos here! Scroll down to fixing mistakes.

That’s cute. As Jan said, there are videos here and youtube is swamped with them. If you can’t easily find what you want (I always look first) someone here should be able to help you find one.

Start your bag. What’s the worst that can happen? You’ll frog a time or two and start over. I think as knitters we have X number of projects/rows to frog and the sooner started the closer we get to fulfilling that unknown quantity. I can dream there is a finite number of trips to the frog pond. :mrgreen:

Thanks for the link, Jan. I use that website a lot but never visited the “mistakes” part.

“Frog”?? I’m learning new words every day?! lol

I said to The Frog, “Oh, Frog, my knitting is a mess and I don’t know how to fix it.” The frog replied, “Rip it! Rip it!”

Frogging is ripping out stitches. Tink (knit spelled backwards) means to take them out one at a time with a needle.

The link was to this website. The video link is at the top of the page. :thumbsup:

That purse looks very pretty and a good beginner’s project.

Be brave!


I agree. Looks like a very nice project and a wonderful purse. If you run into problems, you know we’re all glad to help. Good luck with it and enjoy the knitting.

Thank you. I will definitely run into problems!