Getting Both Sides of V to Look the Same

Still trying to knit a boy’s vest. Instructions for the neck edging on the first side of the V say: (for RS) "work to last 5 stitches, k2tog, k3. Work back. Repeat this dec row every right side row…"
Then, for the other side instructions say "Right side facing, work in Garter st on 3 sts, ssk, work to end of row."
Does it sound like this should make the two sides of the V look the same? It doesn’t work out that way. The edging is flat.
What am I doing wrong?
Any help will be appreciated!

Those are the usual directions for the decreases. They give you decreases that slant along the edge of the V, following the neck shape. The k2tog slants up and to the right, the ssk slants up and to the left.

You can see what I mean in these photos and projects:

I’m not sure that I understand what you mean by the edging is flat?

Thanks for the info. I figured those stitches were supposed to be opposite images of each other. When I looked at the vest you mentioned, I saw the ribbing of the neck edge. When I do the second neck edge with the ssk, I get two flat rows, without the ribbing. Can you picture that? I’ve completely messed up the second side and can’t get back to the beginning, so I’m going to redo the whole front and try again. Thanks for trying to help! I’ll let you know when I get back to doing the second side!

That ribbing was added on once the sweater was completed so I’m not picturing what you mean. If you think that you need to rip back or start again perhaps putting in a lifeline before the V neck might help?

Here I am again. When I do the k2tog k3 and the 3 sts, ssk sections
and then work back, do I purl going back? That might be my problem; I think I have been treating those 4 stitches as Garter stitches, so then I k the 4 stitches when I turned. Does that make any sense?

"Right side facing, work in Garter st on 3 sts, ssk, work to end of row."
That would mean that you always knit those 3 neck edge sts. The k2tog and the ssk should be purled on the WS. That’ll give you the line of V’s at the decreases like the vest I linked to.

Of course you are right! That makes the edging look right. Is their a video about adding yarn for the second V? When I do it, it looks yucky, not neat.

Usually you don’t have to worry about how the edge looks. It’ll be loose but you can always tighten it up when you weave in the ends.
This video is more elaborate than what I do but you can follow the directions for the new strand. Of course you won’t have an old strand of yarn to work with.