Getting a little discouraged

I have been knitting for about 9 months and have gotten pretty confident :woohoo: . I have discovered that if I run into a problem someone here (or over at ravelry) will get me straightened out. Hmmm…I did have an interesing experience over a ravelry, though, where I had asked a 4th question about a garment I am knitting. I was told by a poster that I basically needed to just figure it out myself, because that is how things were back before the internet. :think: I thought that was part of the reason for these sites is to ask for help, because we no longer live in the old days. Anyway, I digress. I [B]am [/B]getting more confident in just going with what I think and frogging if it doesn’t work out. So why am I discouraged? I don’t have enough time to knit like I want and I am tired all the time. Basically, I work full time outside the home and I also sew alot. I have a short attention span, too :whoosh: I can only knit (or sew )for about an hour and then I have to stop for a break. After awhile, I am excited and ready to go again :knitting: I also am a fanatic about my fingernails and get them done every two weeks. It takes 3 hours for the polish to set and dry (even with a nail dryer) and that takes away time. Gee, I wonder why I am so tired? As I look at all this, I feel that I need to let something go. Although, I like to sew, I find knitting more relaxing. I can just sit in front of the TV and knit away. I have more than enough clothing. I have made so much clothing that I can literally go 6 weeks in the spring/summer without wearing the same thing twice and longer than that in the fall/winter. At some point, I feel that I need to say “enough is enough”. There will always be one more pretty dress or skirt and really, do I need all of them? Also, although I love to sew, it slightly stresses me out lately. I don’t know why. I am thinking about just taking a break from it for awhile and concentrating more on my knitting. What do you all think?

I think you need to do whatever it is that relaxes you, and if knitting does that, keep it up. I can understand someone getting a little impatient if you were asking how to do the [B]same[/B] thing 4 times, but if it’s for different areas, even on the same item, that was a snippy answer. Not all people are like that.

And yeah, back in the ‘olden days’ we did just try out different ways of doing something to see what worked and what didn’t. I taught myself and that’s how I learned. With all the resources now it’s easy to get too dependent on them though, and not try to see what makes sense. And some of the patterns are not well written, so it can be confusing. And if you’ve never constructed sweaters or slippers or a hat before, it’s hard to ‘see’ what you need to do.

While it’s true that before the internet ppl had to figure it out, it’s also true that more women were engaging in social circles and had people to show them first hand how to knit. It’s also true that we all have different learning styles. I have to do it to learn it. Others can listen to instruction or have to watch an visual. It’s very possible that ppl who who couldn’t figure it out by themselves long ago, either found someone to help them or quit it altogether.

I think that knitting is such a lovely craft and I feel the need to pay-it-forward to others NOW because I had a patient knitting teacher when I learned. (And I’m STILL learning!)

Head over to my Rav Group - Moving Beyond Rectangles - I don’t allow snarky comments. It’s a newbie group and everyone understands that the same question may come up more than once. :slight_smile:

Or STAY HERE - it’s a great community that is genuinely helpful! :slight_smile:

With all due respect to our beloved moderator, suzeeq, I disagree with excusing those with impatience. If you needed to ask the same question 4 times?-- well, maybe the first 3 answers were lousy. People explain things the way they make sense to them, which may make no sense to someone else. Or the asker might not know enough about knitting to use the correct terminology, and might be using words that mean something else to a more experienced knitter. Whatever it is, if that person was annoyed that you asked a question, then why did they need to respond at all? It’s their problem, not yours, that they were irritated. We’re talking about Internet posts. If you don’t like it, then just skip over it.

Now, since you’re asking for advice, or at least opinions, here’s mine: if knitting isn’t feeling good right now, then I’d take a break. This is the beauty of knitting-- you don’t lose money or anything else if you don’t do it. But if you really want to keep going?-- then I’d just do 2 rows a night. That way you’ll still be moving forward. Even with socks in the finest fingering, that would be an inch and a half a week, and in a couple of months, you’d be done. You need to do what makes you feel calm and happy. Losing 3 hours to my nails would make me crazy. But if those 3 hours do it for you, then that should take priority over your knitting.

Do what makes you feel good. If the nail thing is important, keep it up. If sewing is starting to stress you, set it aside for a while.

I used to sew all the time but ended up setting it aside because I don’t have a place to leave my sewing machine set up all the time. Too much trouble to set it up, spread out, then pack up and put it away. I do get it out from time to time and I have a Christmas gift planned I’ll need it for.

As for the snarky poster at ravelry, that will happen in a community that large. It’s one of the reasons I like it here so much.

I taught myself to knit from books in the early 70’s - no internet, no LYS, no known knitters around me. There are a lot more resources to help those learning now.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with taking a break from one hobby to concentrate on another. I don’t think there is anything wrong with giving up a hobby if it longer makes you happy or stresses you out. Hobbies are supposed to relax us and make us feel good. If they aren’t then they become a job. Who needs two jobs? Or in my case even one since I’m retired. :teehee:

Don’t let the those with a bad attitude get you down. Not everyone is like that. :hug:

Thanks. It was actually 4 different things I had asked about so that is why I could not understand the response. Maybe she was just having a bad day.

With all due respect to our beloved moderator, suzeeq, I disagree with excusing those with impatience.

Well, no, not an excuse, but a reason why a person might get a little impatient at seeing the exact question asked several times, even when it has been explained several different ways. I fully recognize that there’s many ways of explaining something, and you never know which combination of words will make the light bulb go on. But that person may have been having a bad day.

This fall, I’ve been swamped, and I’ve had to make some decisions about what is In and what is Out. Self-care is In. Optional work activities are Out. Vacuuming has become a less frequent activity (of course, if I’m expecting company, it moves up the to-do list). But because I have so many demands on my time, I’ve become very picky and I’m focusing on things which do not drain me. It’s been the best decision I’ve made in a while, and it’s making my workload much more tolerable.

But my parents are visiting next weekend, and cleaning has got to be back on the list, which is stressing me out a bit. But I’m looking at what cleaning MUST be done and what I will just hope no one notices.

Hey, if you have any clutter you want to get out of the way, just go rent a storage unit for a month. When your parents leave, you can go get your stuff back out of storage, and cancel your contract. I’ve had to do that almost every year during Christmas. :teehee:

I am exactly the same way about cleaning. I really want a warning before someone comes to see me. :teehee:

Thanks everyone so much for your encouraging words. I have a couple of more sewing projects on the table and after those are done, I am through with it for awhile. Since I already have the fabric for them, I feel kind of wasteful if I don’t go ahead and use it.

hobbies are supposed to be relaxing… if they aren’t relaxing then they’re called WORK :slight_smile:

do what makes you happy.

I have quite a few hobbies and I have to tell you that they have all taken a backseat since knitting has become so important in my life. It is my therapy! I do need to start scheduling some time for my other hobbies though (scrapbooking / stamping, beading, reading, photography, etc.) because I truly do enjoy them (plus I am doing some Christmas gifts). For me once I’ve picked out my pattern and yarn, knitting is so easy and portable it’s hard to make myself walk away from. Bottom line is there simply isn’t enough time to do everything we NEED to do, much less all the things we WANT to do. :slight_smile:

Hey guys I have to add my 2 cents worth of comment on asking questions…I was knitting a sweater pattern from Lion brand yarn…and I needed an answer to my question…which I asked to them AND here…guess where I got the RIGHT ANSWER…you guessed it…HERE. LOL