Get Human

Gotta love this: someone has posted a list of prompts to bypass the automated phone systems of most companies-- connecting you to a real-live human.

That’s great! I hate when you get the machine and you have to talk to it, when it repeats back what you said of course its never right. I’ll have to bookmark this one.

Sweet! Now if only the “voice activated” ones let you press numbers, I’d be happy. :roll: FedEx is the worst.

Wow…that’s pretty cool!

Thank you!

That’s a great database. I always seem to be calling about something the automated systems don’t cover.


:shock: This is so cool! I wish somebody would do the same for Canadian companies… :teehee: Air Canada is on the list though! :happydance:

:cheering: Thank you for posting this! I had this printed a while ago and for some reason I threw it away! I shall print this and never throw it away again…



How many times a day do I get misdirected, redirected, cut off and p****d off by these horrible phone systems? This is terrific…except that in too many cases you still have to work your way through the idiotic prompts.

DH had to call Capitol One today and he got the recorded spiel of “press 1 for…” etc. When he hung up he didn’t know anymore than he started so I gave him the Get Human number for them and bingo! A real live human!! He had to be on hold a minute, but that’s no biggie to be able to talk to someone and get some answers! :cheering:

A few years back we closed on a house and in essence bought the wrong house because the bank and title company had the wrong info :hmm:. Anyway, I got real good at circumventing the phone systems. I would just press whatever button and whoever answered I’d ask them to please redirect my call that I was talking to someone, got placed on hold and evidently accidently got switched to them. Then when they would say “oh you want so and so”, I’d say why don’t you give me their direct number so if I get disconnected again I won’t bother other people. :roflhard:

Oh, my…

What an absolutely fabulous idea! :figureditout:

That is definitely going into my repetoire!


This is definitely useful, but sometimes the thick indian (sometimes Filipino) accents of the customer service reps makes it even harder than dealing with the prompts.

I can’t help but think of the movie “Demolition Man” in which the cop answers the phone and says “If you would prefer an automated response, press one now”.


very nice wish someone would do that for the UK! LOL

I wonder how long it will take the companies to figure out this is out there and redo their systems?