Get a load of these Cupcakes!

While lurking at another chat board, I came across these amazing cupcakes :shock:


??? You must get to some pretty rum chatboards, Mrs.!!!

A cup cake wrapped in Everton colours? Liverpool I could understand, but Everton?

All the Best :shock::eyebrow2:


I’m not sure who/what Everton is :?? I’m assuming these are football teams–I admit I woefully lack knowledge of football–only team I know is Manchester United and I’m not even sure WHY I know that! :shrug:

I don’t understand the reference either, but those are some cool cupcakes! I bet they are terribly expensive and I wouldn’t want to eat them. Maybe. :teehee:

Jan said:-

“…I bet they’re terribly expensive and I wouldn’t want to eat them.”

If that blue sample of knitting is hiding a season ticket*, they’d have to be insured! :rofl:

*Everton and Liverpool are the two football teams of that city.

Wow! Those are the most detailed cupcakes I’ve ever seen!