Get a Free Pattern

TinCanKnits is giving away a free pattern of your choice. Just enter the coupon code and download your pattern. You have until the January 1st deadline to select a pattern! (This was posted in a forum on Ravelry so I thought I’d share it here. After all, who doesn’t like free?)

website link and free code

patterns link

I chose the Gramps sweater…for my 1 yr. old grandnephew. And I’m going to buy the Hunter hat pattern to go with it.

Thank you! I also got Gramps!

Is there another thread for this? I got the Drift pattern. I posted the link on FB for a friend in Alaska whose DD knits.

That’s a nice shawl! I never wear shawls, but I do like the idea of them. There were several patterns I liked.

I think this is the only one here in KH. Is that what you mean?

I’d seen something about the link for the free pattern here and remember posting to it because I couldn’t get it to work, then figured out what I was doing wrong. Then I saw this one and thought it was the same one but no, this one was started today and I’d already gotten my pattern yesterday.

ETA: I may be crazy, but the link was on my FB page yesterday, my friend in Alaska shared it last night, I can’t tell when I originally shared it there. This is the only place I would have found it…but I can’t find the thread either. Can an OP delete an entire thread?

ETA: I found it! I still might be crazy but I wasn’t imagining it at least. LOL

Tin Can Knits pattern giveaway for Christmas

Oh! I didn’t remember that one. :thumbsup:

It just felt…strange. Deja vu-ish. Really, other than that it isn’t important.