German short rows


I am starting the home cardigan by Caidree and am stuck on the german short rows on the right shoulder Can i ask ’ when you start row in the flat- Do you knit the stitches eg P1, P2 put one over other, then P 3 more stitches and turn work( first row done), Bring yarn forward make a ds and then knit the remaining stitches 3 is this my second row? etc repeat so many times…
Therefore, a short row is literally working on these few stitches until you are told to purl across all stitches? any help/clarity will be much appreciated.



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Yes, short rows usually come in pairs. Row 1 on one side, Row 2 after the turn to the other side. Most patterns number them that way. If your pattern has a short distance between turns then that’s what the designer wants. Finally there’s an entire row or two worked incorporating the ds and all sts of the row.
You can quote a row or two of the pattern if you’re still not sure. Just no more than that please due to designer copyright.

Thank you very much!

I am now on my German short row way.

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