German short row heel with two at a time toe up socks

Hello, I don’t have a pattern, would like to know if anyone has done this before and how to do it. I am having trouble because of the two at a time sock. Thank you

I’ll tag someone who does two at a time @GrumpyGramma

How are you doing two at a time, one inside the other? If so @Mike may be able to help too.
Or are you doing them serially, one after the other like this:

I think that looks like a low hassle (I think no stitch rearranging) toe up heel for the way I do 2 but I haven’t done them. I also want to try them for shoulder shaping if I think about it (really need to put a post it note in the book I run to when I do short rows).

thank you, I love the two at a time and would like to add the german short row heel to them.

Hi both at the same time on a circular needle. But the heel is called German short row. Not just a short row

Yes, I prefer to use German short rows, too. They should be a direct substitute for wrap & turn. What king of short row is your pattern calling for? What is causing the problem?

I’m not using a pattern. I knit two at a time socks on a circular needle. Would like to incorporate the german short row heel but having a problem moving from the first sock onto the second sock. Need to know when to move over. I usually do a fleegel heel

What if you work back and forth on the first heel to completion before starting the second?

You could switch before turning or a couple stitches after turning or like salmonmac suggests, after completing one.
However you did it before should feel right.

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