German Angora Rabbit for Sale

Gosh, I wish I wasn’t allergic to furry animals! :pout:

I just found out about a German Angora rabbit for sale in my area (Charlotte, NC). It is a hand raised grey German Angora buck that was born this spring. The owner is asking $45 for him. He was handled since he was two days old and used for field trip programs, so has had lots of hands on. Attached is a picture of him.

She is looking for a good home for him.

OH Sandy he’s cute as can be. Too bad I live all the way out in Texas. My daughter would love him just as much s she does the dog.

I hope her finds agood home.

Shandeh - :fingerwag:
That’s how I ended up with so many bunnies the volunteer coordinator at my local SPCA would email me pictures when they’d get them in. I am such a sucker for brown eyes & big ears :teehee:

:waah: I want that bunny! :roflhard:

Is she willing to ship? I know it sounds weird, but I do know of several instances where animals have been shipped to schools in special crates.

Gosh, I don’t know. I’ll check with her, and let you know.

Just remember that the animal will most likely travel overnight and will cost you the amount or MORE than the rabbit is being sold for.

Aw, how cute! too bad I live in New York :pout:
I hope he finds a lovely new home.cloud9

Yeah I was thinking that, and with what you said, I’m convinced. I had the money, but I don’t anymore, and tho I’ll have more on Fri, not enough to pay for shipping and the furry fuzball. LOL :slight_smile:

There are people that take animals and such across country like that. We used one to take a puppy from texas to Virginia once. We also flew a puppy from texas to someplace north ( I can’t remember). You may look to see what it would cost by airline. It wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be. I’d love to have it but no place to keep a rabbit (happy place atleast) right now. One day :slight_smile: