George the pig scarf help

Hi Guys
Thanks for letting me join,I have been knitting on and off for quite a few years. My mum taught me and I always went to her for help unfortunately she passed away last year, so I have lost my teacher (as well as my best friend ) so was wondering if someone could help with my problem, please.
I am trying to knit a scarf with George pig on it, but I have quite a few different colours ( I think you know what’s coming haha) I end up with a tight mess at the back and holes where they should not be, I have knitted this 3 times now and it’s no better. HELP please

Welcome Lesley65! Sorry to hear about your mother but how nice to have learned knitting from her.
If this is knit using the intarsia technique, this video may help with the holes. Also the idea of using butterflies or bobbins to hold small amounts of yarn may alleviate some of the tangled yarn.

Which pattern are you using? Can you give us a name or link?

Welcome, Lesley! I was just going to say the same thing as Salmonmac. :wink:

Thank you Salmonmac, that was just the thing, I have now knitted George on one end of my scarf, I need a little more practice with this method as I still got my wool in a tangle but quite happy with the outcome.
I couldn’t find a pattern so I used a cross stitch pattern, it took quite a few hours to get it right but I’m happy with it, just hope my little great nephew will be Haha.
Once again thank you for the help, I look forward to having a nose around the rest of the site.


I’m so glad George has worked out. We’d love to see a photo when you finish.
(My yarn is always tangled up when I knit intarsia too. Scares my family.)

A pic of George, I’m so happy with the result I’ve never knitted anything quite like this.

Wow, a very professional job indeed! George looks fabulous and your work is beautiful!
Thanks so much for the photo. It’s an inspiration.

Awww! So cute!