Gentle Row Counters

Has anyone ever seen a stitch counter that would be good for wooden/bamboo knitting needles. I have a ton of the plastic kind that work just fine with metal needles but I don’t want to risk scraping my wooden ones. I have the clicker counter and the dangle one for circular needles but I was wondering if there’s anything nicer out there that I just haven’t seen yet.


I’m not sure maybe someone else has some good ideas :wink:

You could tie a piece of yarn around the counter and make a loop, and hook that onto your needles instead of the plastic. Or you could find someone who knows how to make jewlery and ask them to put another [smooth] ring on the plastic ring so you would use that instead.

Or maybe just paint it with clear nail polish.

Also, see this

I am cheap, and don’t want to spend valuable yarn money on stitch markers…or anything else for that matter. :rofl:

So I use hair ties. The kind you can get for 100 for about $.99. I get the multi colored kind so that I can use one color for border and one color for counting if necessary.

This is what I do. They’re not fancy, but you can hardly get more gentle than yarn. :wink: (I’m assuming your mention of the word “clicker” referred to row counting.)

I did mean row counters - sorry for the confusion!

Suzie, you might get more responses if you update the thread title to say “row counters”.

I think I did the update correctly.

I may just have to use the circular needle counter or the hand held clicker.

There are also a few old threads about row counters that you could probably find by doing a search.