Gentle Hug cardigan

I am having problems with top back I need help with this instructions
when the armhole measure 21 cm on every other row bind off 3x8 sts then 1x8 at both ends. This is where I have the problem it has 91 stitches then it says bind off the remaining 27 stitches i have 51 stitches is there something did I miss something,

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These directions can be confusing. You’re to bind off at the beginning of RS (right side) and WS (wrong side) rows on each side of the back. Bind off 8sts at the beginning of a RS row, work to the end of the row, turn to the WS, bind off 8sts and finish the row. Repeat this 2 more times. That’s 48sts bound off.
Then repeat the process once more at the beginning of the next 2 rows (another 16sts bound off). 91-64 = 27sts

Thank you that makes more sense

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Good Morning
pattern: gentle hug cardigan Novita natura
I am stuck on top right front and top left front
when the armhole measures 21 cm on every other row bind off 3x8 and 1x8 do i bind off after the 11 boarder stitches or bind off at the armhole

These are bind offs to shape the shoulders. Work the bind offs on WS rows for the right shoulder and on RS rows for the left shoulder. Both shoulders start at the armhole edge.
Bind off 8sts on every other row starting at the armhole edge. Do this 3 times total then bind off 8sts again starting from the armhole edge (so for your size it’s actually binding off 8sts every other row 4 times total.)
The 11 remaining sts will form the border which continues to the center back. The 11sts will join at the back and be attached along the edge to the back bind off.