Generosity of Friends!

Oh my! I have to share this with ya’ll right away and I’ve not yet even gotten photos!
Friends are indeed a gift from God! My dear friend Amy (horve1) surprised me with the cutest vintage yarn tin like this: and when I opened it I began to cry like a big baby because inside I found the GORGEOUS Icarus Shawl (scroll down) that she has been working on for a couple of months!!! AND all of this work she had been telling me about and about how fun the shawl was to knit, all the time it was for me!!! I’m so honored, so humbled.
I will get some good pics of it tomorrow for all to see, she is GORGEOUS! I’m stunned, I must say! Amy, you are a treasure in so many ways, I’m thankful to have such a wonderful friend as you (not just because of the goodies, for many, many reasons!).:blooby:

You are a lucky girl to have such a kind friend. That tin is soooo cute!

Awwww! How Sweet!:slight_smile:

Wow! Lucky you! That shawl is beautiful - can’t wait to see pictures of yours!

I need to make friends with knitters…or make knitters out of my friends. So far, I have done neither. And since I tend to give away everything I make (I always have…Even my paintings. I only have ONE in my home, while everyone else has several) I NEVER get to wear hand knitted lovelies!:pout:

That shawl is GORGEOUS…and it was so thoughtful to package it in that cute tin.

Sigh…you are one LUCKY girl!

I hope its the yarn I gave her in the yarn swap. I love that yarn. Its great to have a friend like that.:slight_smile:

That’s lovely…what a wonderful start to your day.

What a sweet friend!!! It’s such a blessing to have amazing friends. But I have to say, you probably deserved it - such amazing friends are often drawn to equally amazing people :smiley:

i’ll bet the shawl is stunning!

wow thats great! What a great friend =D

Thanks, everyone!!! I just had to share! For those of you who don’t know, Amy and I became the best of friends following the 1st KH swap, I had her name and teased and antagonized her for 3 months, since then she’s become one of my very best friends!
Oh my, Jeremy, my mind is totally blank, she told me the yarn she was using when she started knitting it and I forgot what she said! I must ask!