General question about blocking

I’ve been wondering this for awhile and I can’t be the only one wondering…

I’ve learned from reading that blocking is an important, but time consuming step when knitting with certain fibers. Once you have blocked do you have to do it every single time the article is laundered? Or does it somehow “hold” the blocked shape?

The sweaters that I’ve aggressively blocked–the Fair Isles that I put on ‘the rack’ don’t need to be blocked again. I just wash them and lay them flat. Come to think of it, any sweaters that I wash by hand are just laid flat. I think the initial blocking takes care of relaxing the stitches.

I’ve often wondered the same thing about fine lace, though. That needs to be blocked meticulously after knit. Does it need to be done each time?

Sweaters, afghans, etc don’t need to be blocked a second time, but lace needs to be blocked about every 3 washings, to keep it nice looking.

I was pondering this same question Jan - thanks for asking it! Now we know :thumbsup:

Thanks guys, good to know! :yay: