General Knitting

I’m very new to knitting! Is the cast on row the “first row”?

thats all relitive…but in general speaking…no

No, the cast on is a cast on, it’s not counted as a row. The first row will be the row after that.

what do you mean by "it’s all relative?
PS Thanks for the quick reply

scratch that…the cast on row is only the way you get your stitches on the needle …then you start the pattern with row one.

I don’t count it as a row, but some patterns sorta do. I’d just count the next row as the first row.

For me, it depends on the pattern.

With long tail cast on, you make a row of knit stitches on the needle & purl bumps on the reverse. I like the knit side to be the RS, if I’m working stockinette. Or any other patterned stitch with all knits as the base. Then I would count it as row 1. So my first actual worked row would be on WS/purl side (or row 2.)

In garter stitch or ribbing it doesn’t matter.

I just like the finished look better this way.

I don’t count it as a row, but some patterns sorta do.

This is what i ment by “its all relitive” I just didnt want to confuse you.

Typically the cast on row is just the foundation for the first row. Casting on puts the stitches on the needles in order for you to knit or purl on. There are always exceptions, but that is what is typical.

I like the long tail cast on so this answer really helped me. Thanks a bunch!