General knitting question

Ive not done any knitting tor 30+ years and i’m struggling with pattern instructions. So can anyone explain what “decrease 1 st at each end of next and every foll alt row” means.
I am thinking that I need to decrease 1 st at the beginning of every row and that will produce the same result.
Any help gratefully received.

Hi. Ok, assume you just finished a row and the next row is row 8. Then you do a decrease st the beginning and end of the following rows:
8, 10, 12, etc
For however many times it says.

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Your pattern might say what type of decrease to do. If not, you can do mirrored decreases so they are symmetrical each side, for instance a ssk at the beginning of the row and a k2tog at the end of the row.

I also came to knitting after 30+ years and the first couple of sweaters I made I had no idea of these mirrored decreases and to be honest in those sweaters it made no difference, the decreases can’t be seen anyway with the type of yarn used. But my next tops I was very happy to learn this more sophisticated way of decreasing as the yarn was different and the decreases showed. With mirrored decreases one will ‘lean’ one way and the other will ‘lean’ the other way. It’s just neater.

You might also choose to place the decrease one stitch in from the edge, this makes the last stitch of each end a bit neater and a bit easier to seam up later. It’s personal preference too.

There are videos and tutorials if you need them.
Let us know if you need more help.

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Found it. thanks for that. Carrying on with the knitting now.

Good website



thank you so much. getting on with things now.

good website.