General Help Please

I am super new to knitting here. I used to knit a long time ago, and I have completely forgotten everything. I have also never tried to read a pattern before. So, before throwing myself into a project and getting hopelessly frustrated, I was hoping I could get some help and general tips.

I’m picking a hard pattern for a beginner, but I don’t really want to make anything other than this. It’s an ‘Alexi Throw’.

Honestly, I don’t know how to read the pattern. I looked up some of the abbreviations, but I’m confused on where to start. Could somebody please tell me where to look/read and possibly translate a bit? Any help is very much appreciated! Thank you in advance.

If you post just a couple of the first rows we can explain it to you and maybe that will help.

Hi. Welcome to Knitting Help. You’ve found a great place. Is this your pattern? You might like to make something smaller first just to get used to knitting, but if you want to start with the throw, go for it and have fun!

I agree with GG. If you haven’t done any knitting for awhile it would be a good idea to practice a bit to make sure you remember the basics and to make sure you’re tension is even. That is a beautiful blanket and you don’t want to practice on it!

I also agree with sue. Posting a few lines at a time is a good idea. You don’t have to know every abbreviation at once.

All good advice but if you’re determined to go forward, there are two things to start with: one is to read through the abbreviations and learn how to do the different patterns and cables. The actual directions are minimal, just combining the cables and diamond patterns. Two is to make a gauge swatch to determine what needle size you’ll need with your yarn. You may knit tighter or looser than the person testing the pattern so you may need to change needle size. Cast on about 25 or 27 sts (some odd number) and knit for 5 inches or so before measuring how many stitches you get in 4 inches. There are some good videos for getting started here including some for gauge.

I am new to knitting, and despite the fact that you don’t want to try anything else first, you really should knit some cotton washcloths for practice. That is how I got purling and knitting simple stitches down pat. When you get past the dropped stitches and the holes you leave in the cloths, or the uneven edges you will be able to translate the instructions