Geisha Micofibre Yarn

I came across the most luxurious, creamy, softest yarn imaginable. I want to make a scarf as this fabric is just screaming to be around my neck. :smiley: I’m a beginning knitter and was wondering if someone could recommend some scarf patterns to me. Thank you.

Give us some details on the yarn. :wink: Is it novelty? All of the info I found on google give novelty yarns. So if the yarn you have is novelty, you may want to stick with something simple. Maybe the Elongated Stitch scarf would be good. You may want to steer clear of detailed patterns w/ novelty yarn, because the yarn itself is so active that the stitch pattern could easily get lost within the yarn. Have you checked out Amy’s Free Scarf Pattern Section yet? ;

i don’t know what kind of yarn that is but i am fully in love with this scarf. (that goes to the DIY network site) i started it on a delightfully fuzzy yarn but i was struggling to make it look right. i need to try it with a less fuzzy yarn just to figure it out. but i think it would look great with a nice soft fuzzed yarn.

That yarn is LOVELY! I would either do the crossover scarf that Brenda suggested above, or do a SIMPLE garter st scarf with tapered ends.

Thank you ladies!!! Here’s more info on the yarn:

Can’t wait to see what I make out of this yarn!!!

The Mod Squad was here :thumbsup:

I think brenda’s suggestion would work nicely with this yarn if it’s knit on big needles … say 13 or so … :thinking:

yeah yeah do eeeeeeeet…and then tell me how you kept it from looking funky…lol. i love that pattern but when i tried it, it just didn’t look right…but i ain’t givin’ up on it!! :wink: