Geek Socks

I made a pair of socks for my boyfriend, and they’ve recieved a lot of attention from my friends and family. I thought I’d post them here. The yarn I used isn’t good for socks, but oh well they’re pretty neat.

I based this pattern off of a pattern on, but I just used the yarn I have and altered them. Sad thing is that after all that work I put into them, I never want to see them again.

Cute. You were way more ambitious than I would be.

those are great!

Very Fun! You did a great job! :cheering:


I fixed the link for you. If you are going to post photos from that site you need to right click on the image and select “view image” then use that URL.

Adorable! I’m thinking of making my brother a pair myself, and giving him a copy of the game for his computer with them. For Christmas… maybe. :roflhard:

Good job !

They look great! Congrats :cheering: :cheering:

:notworthy: :notworthy: Those socks look so goooooooood!!! Great job! :muah: :notworthy:

Teriffic job! :cheering: