Gedifra yarns

Hi all,

Do any of you have experience with the Gedifra yarns? I have been looking at the Alpaca blend, ‘Akona’ by Gedifra and also The ‘English Tweed’ by Gedifra online. I am wanting to purchase yarn for a sweater and black is my color of choice. My LYS doesn’t have samples of the Gedifra and can’t get them either so if I order some I will be stuck with it…(not that being stuck with yarn is a bad thing!)

anyways… any help would be great!!!


Cara, I will let you know today! I am expecting a package from with my Gedifra Beauty Cotton I ordered for a sweater for my sister’s birthday.

Cara, I got my Gedifra Cotton and have already started the sweater. The stuff I got is high quality!

Thanks so much for the info. :slight_smile:

I wish someone had seen or used the two yarns that I am considering. I am scared to sink 100$ into wool without even getting to touch it first!

I can only hope that the wool is as nice as the cotton!