[color=violet] I looked everywhere for gauntlets/armwarmers that I liked, that were quick and easy to knit AND that my daughter thought were ‘cool’. After days and days I gave up and designed my own. This is a pic of the finished right arm. I’m not sure if you can see my hand on the end of that pic, but it’s waving ‘hello’ to all my new knittin’ friends. The gauntlet appears sort of bulky, but it is pretty taut against my arm. I’m about ½ way through another gauntlet/armwarmer design and I’ll post that one when I get it done!
sorry if I linked the pic incorrectly, I’m new to this whole linkin’ pictures thing.

It says the ‘photo is not available’. You can post your picture here using the browse and add attachment buttons down below the post reply box.

[color=violet][/color] Okay, I’m givin’ it another try (this may take awhile :rollseyes: ) I managed to make the picture link on my blog, but every single place is different! Well here’s the URL and I’ll work on getting how to post pictures figured out.

Very cool! I love them! I wear fingerless gloves, but never as long as your gauntlet, of course, I’m also no longer [size=1]ahem[/size]…a teenager :roflhard: :rofling: I do really love them & know that your daughter appreciates them :thumbsup:

Aha! It looks great! I like the patterning on it. Good job! :waving: And here’s a wave back.

I’ve been looking for long ones too they had some on knitty gritty but didn’t say yes this is what you want… I love yours they turned out wonderful!!! :thumbsup:

Cute! I’ve been thinking of making some of those.

Very nice. I made myself some fingerless gloves and then didn’t like what I did. These are really nice!

Looks good! Here’s a pattern for one from Knitty Gritty. There’s littel video to show you how to do stuff if you get stumped.,2025,DIY_14141_4155601,00.html