Gauntlet question

Well I finally finished my KG Gauntlets! I’m very pleased with how they came out (I will post pics later), however, they stretch out at the very top and start to fall. Has anyone had this happen? I’m thinking I may run some elastic through the top, then weave in some fun fur over it to hide the elastic. My arms are so skinny, I was afraid this would happen! :doh:

I’ve not yet knit the gauntlets, so I can’t say this has happened with me…but, I have had the same experience with socks and I just weaved elastic on the inside in the ribbing at the top of the socks and it worked just fine.
I can’t wait to see your gauntlets :cheering:

Thanks Rebecca! They were a really quick knit and I’m pleased with them other than the stretching, but if I can fix it, I can live with it :thumbsup: