I have an old book, the pattern calls for sock or sport yarn/ I want to use my fuji #4. The gauge on the pattern shows 8 sts to the inch, I have tried to adjust it and can’t get to that measurement where the swatch looks good. Is it okay to adjust the number of stitches? How would I figure it out?
VERY CONFUSING…the needles that i seemed to get a good look on are #4. giving me 2 1/2 inches to 16 stitches. Is there any way to calculat that?
It is a cardigan so I wouldn’t mind a bit of looseness, but how do I figure out the number of stitches.
the original pattern calls for 126-134 on size 1 and 2 needles.
I am using 3 & 4 . I am getting 6 stitches to the inch. I thought I could try 100-104. Does that sound right???

And of course the yardage needed. All of the patterns that I have seen call for about 1000 -1100 yards. But that is with a larger needle size. Would the yardage needed have to be adjusted to accommodate the smaller needle?

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A couple questions for you. Does the #4 refer to the yarn weight category which would be worsted weight? Can you link to a picture of your pattern or tell us its name and the book it’s in so that maybe someone can find at least a picture of it?

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Can you measure your gauge swatch over something like 4 inches? It’s going to be more accurate that way.
I get 6.4sts/inch for 16sts/2.5 inches. That would mean casting on about 100-107sts.
If you have experience knitting sweaters, go ahead and adjust the pattern. Alternatively, you could look for a pattern for your yarn or maybe buy yarn in the same gauge as your pattern.

yes I will do that tomorrow it is from a BEAR Brand book dating back to 1955. An old book that has some great knits. I will send a photo of the sweater and the book. The yarn is the weight. it is berroco fuji. Great yarn. Thanks for the quick reply.

Thank you so much, I just used this yarn for a pullover and found this cardigan to match. I am going to try to get the gauge worked up and will let you know how it turns out. The pattern I had just used was called ‘BRENDA’ in the berroco booklet #255. It also used a thinner yarn in the instructions, but I just made the smaller size. Came out Great.
But this one is from a booklet that is 1955. ‘Bear Brand’ hand-knit fashions, vol. 349. style number 2496.
I also thought that the number of stitches could be just what you mentioned. I am casting on 104
We’ll try it and see what happens.
thanks again

Hi ,
I am back with a bit of a problem on not having read the complete instructions…(shame on me), but now I have to correct a problem.
I need an edge to extend for my front edges of my cardigan. They are unkempt looking because they were supposed to have been folded back. I would like a few opinions on what type of edge can I put on to give it a finished look. It needs about 1/2 inch
this is what it is supposed to look like
Would like to get some suggestions?

Can’t seem to get a photo of the cardigan up on my computer will try again later.

Is there a name for the book or a pattern name? Sometimes even if it is an old pattern, it’ll show up on Ravelry.