I would like to start making a sleeveless sweater, but I am confused with gauging. The Gauge calls for 19 sts and 32 rows= 4" over 2x2 Rib. How do I measuer the ribbing, do I stretch the swatch or just leave it flat and measure…

The pattern is asking for a size 6 needles, I have done 3 swatches and I am on size 10 needle… can this be right? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Measuring gauge on ribbing is tricky, you don’t know how much to stretch it. If the whole thing is ribbed, measure it slightly stretched, as it would be when worn. Also, make sure you’re using about 25 stitches instead of just 19 and don’t include the edge stitches when measuring. It also helps to wash and dry it like you will the finished vest, that way you can pin it to dry with the ribs slightly stretched and will make measuring it easier.

Yes, measuring gauge on ribbing is not so straightforward. That’s quite a change in needle size though. Are you using the same weight yarn as called for in the pattern?