The gauge instructions in my pattern read 11 sts and 19 rows = 4". Does this mean 4" square? If it’s 4" square, then I’m in big trouble! Thanks.

yes, it’s a 4 inch square.

Remember that with gauge it doesn’t matter what size needle it takes to get gauge. The one suggested may not be right for you. Also most of the time stitch gauge is important but row gauge may not be. There are some patterns that are row dependent because of a long pattern repeat that needs to be done a certain number of times or something. If the pattern gives the lengths in rows instead of inches, like some do, if that is the only thing that makes it “row dependent” you can figure out mathematically how long different parts will be based on the gauge they give and just work to the inches you need.

It is very difficult to get your row gauge to be right on if it is off but your stitch gauge is right on. Sometimes you can change it a bit by trying a needle made of a different material, like if you tried bamboo, try aluminum or something.

If none of these ideas apply to the type of problem you are talking about can you give more information?

You really need to make your square with more sts and not include the edge sts when you measure as they’re a different size and will curl under. The idea isn’t to make a 4" square really, but to see how many sts in 4". If you cast on about 16 sts and work for a few inches, then count the sts over 4" in the middle it’s more accurate.

Thanks for the useful information. My pattern is “row dependent,” so I’ll change needle size and try to get a 4" inch width over 11 stitches and not necessarily worry about length (unless, of course, I’m way off!).