I have found a cute little bunny pattern my ds wants me to make for him. I have some left over chunky homespun yarn i’d like to use. The pattern says:
Step 1: Knit the body
Cast on enough stitches for about 6 inches. [Example, in sportweight yarn on size 5 needles, cast on 35 stitches.]
Work plain in stockinette (knit 1 row, purl 1 row) until length is same as width.

How do I determine the correct gauge for the yarn and needles i have? I have size 8 needles and the chuncky yarn. TIA! :knitting:

Let me clarify… I think you are supposed to do a sample and measure it to get gauge. However, do you just cast on and measure, do a few rows and measure and do you measure with it still on the needles or take them off?

You should probably do a swatch of about 8 inches wide by about 4 inches so that you can get an accurate count of how many stitches to cast on to get 6 inches. So go by the gauge listed on the ball band for your yarn. For instance, if it says that 20 stitches should give you 4 inches, then try casting on 40 stitches and knitting enough rows to be able to lay it flat and measure it, several inches at least. Mark off 6 inches of the width and count how many stitches are in that 6 inch section. Then you’ll know how many to cast on with your yarn and your needles.

Hope this helps!


You need larger needles than the 8s if you’re going to use chunky yarn, the sts could be so tight they’ll be hard to knit into. Use size 10s say, or 11s, and cast on about 12 sts, and knit a few rows. Then measure how many sts per inch you have, multiply that times 6" and that’s how many you cast on.