Hi I have a quick question
I have a pattern for a sweater
I am making this for my 13 year old daughter but the yarn they recommend for this is a little on the rough side so want to substitute.

The gauge on the yarn say 19 stitches/26 rows on 3.5mm needles.

is it OK to just get gauge for the 19 stitches and do less/more rows to get the length. or is it important for both to be spot on.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Usually patterns have you measure length and such in inches rather than rows, so the primary gauge to match is the sts. Just check the pattern to make sure. If it says to “work until you have 55 rows”, then you’ll probably have to match the gauge for rows as well as sts.

Hope that made sense!

The pattern only mention to knit until you reach x cm. so I guess I should just worry about the 19 stitches. Thanks Wenda

Could not get the link to work properly so here is a photo of the pattern.

Even if the pattern says `work 55 rows’ you can convert that into inches/cms per the pattern gauge, then work that out to how many rows for you per your row gauge.

Pretty sweater!

thanks suzeeq, the pattern states the 19 st per 4 inches on a size 3.5mm needle but then goes on to tell you to use 3.00 mm needles throughout the pattern so how are you supposed to check your gauge?