Ok i have a toddler 2 years old.

Im using Super saver classic yarn 4 ply worsted weight.

His head is 18-19 inches…

Im using size 10 needles.

When i cast on are the stiches supposed to be close together when i measure…or no…Im dont know what im doing…i want to make a hat from scratch i have the design in my head…i just need the cast on and figure out the length…


Since you’re not using a pattern, your best bet would be to make a gauge swatch to see how many stitches you get to an inch. Knit a square a little more than 4" wide and 4" long. Then you can measure how many stitches you need to get the width you want.

That’s the ‘correct’ way.

What I would probably do is look at some kid’s patterns to get an idea of how many stitches they call for to cast on for a hat his size and go from there.

It’s really up to you. You know best what you can do and how willing you are to mess up once or twice.